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    COVID19: We’re still operating as normal - for more information or to view our guidelines, contact us.

      Covid 19 Guidelines

      Coronavirus (COVID-19) Training Guidelines

      These guidelines have been approved by the Health and Safety Executive and Consultant Microbiologists at NHS England.

      • On arrival all candidates will receive a temperature check and be asked to thoroughly sanitise their hands.

      • Hand sanitiser and alcohol cleaning wipes will be easily accessible to all learners throughout the course.

      • Learners will be seated 2 metres apart and will be provided with masks to wear when closer than the 2 metre distance.

      • Each learner will be issued with their own mannequin lung to use when practising CPR. This will help to prevent the spread of infection, as the lung insert covers the mouth of the mannequin.

      • Between learners, alcohol/sanitising wipes will be used on the mannequin face and also to wipe the forehead and chest where hands were placed (to prevent hand to surface/surface to hand contamination). The sanitiser/alcohol must dry naturally before the next person uses the mannequin.

      • One mannequin will be kept to the same small group of learners all the way through the course to prevent the possibility of course-wide infection spread.

      • Before and after each practical session, learners will be asked to sanitise or wash their hands.

      • Learners will also be asked to sanitise or wash their hands before and after breaks in the course.